Thanks From India

Dear Julia,

Greetings from Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES)!
On behalf of Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES), I would like to thank you for your generous gift of $177 for your generous donation to Pardada Pardadi’s Toilet Project. Your commitment to helping improve the lives of rural girls in India is sincerely appreciated.

Each year PPES continues to advance its mission to uplift and empower girls from the poorest sections of society by providing free education and vocational training – creating a new generation of self-reliant and educated girls who will break the cycle of poverty in the region.

Through our efforts we have seen many lives changed for the better.  And with the help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements and for lives to be improved.

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Thanks again for your generous support for the cause of the girl child.

Looking forward to your trip at school.

Thanks with warm regards,

Preeti Dhaka,

Program Associate
Pardada Pardadi Educational Society
A- 47 Lajpat Nagar – I , New Delhi
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Your Hot Dog Hostesses – Additional Photos

My good friend and Hot Dot Death Marcher, Shana, sent these photos along in June…

Great shot of Lucinda, ruling the wiener world!


This was the only bite of a Pink’s hot dog I had.


I wish I had had time to finish it. Too much time chatting up all you fine folks out there.

Great Hot Dog Resource And Song

When you click on this substantial wiener info loaded website (SFW), a song will start to play: The Hot Dog City Song. It’s, ah….it’s ah…covered in awesomesauce!


Click the image to go their site. And I’m putting their link in the blog roll on the right.

When The WienerMobile Crashed

I’m catching up on blog posts from over the summer. Many of you saw this near disaster and man, it is a great visual!

Wienermobile Wreck

The wienermobile driver was trying to turn around and went forward instead of reverse. Oops. I can’t imagine how challenging it might be to maneuver a giant hot dog.

Nobody was home when it happened, luckily. Can you imagine driving up. “Uh, honey? There’s a giant frankfurter sticking out of our house.”

This happened July 17 in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin.

Both the Wienermobile and the house will make a full recovery.

Recovered and Money Donated

Julia here…

It only took two months, but we’ve finally recovered from the Death March to come back and start blogging again.

I wanted to update you all, first and foremost, that the money we collected from you kind and generous hot dog eaters came to $177! The full amount was donated to The Poop Report to continue to help build toilets for girls in rural India. Hooray for you!

177 Smackers! Thank You!

177 Smackers! Thank You!

And in case you need/want proof that the money was sent, here you go:


Thanks again to everyone who kindly gave to this charity!

There will be more updates in the days ahead — Sad news about Oscar Mayer, The WienerMobile in a jam and much much more. Stay tuned!

Random Funny From Twitter

Julia here.

My husband found this on Twitter:

The Twitterer: Paul Feig, creator of ‘Freaks and Geeks’ 
The Funny: “Hot dog martinis! Boil two hot dogs 10 minutes, remove hot dogs, discard, pour hot dog water into glass, top with gin, drink, vomit, repeat.” 

HDDM 2010!

Hot Dog Death March Solidarity

Julia here.


Notice the leaping cat!


A friend of mine in Albuquerque read about our wiener wonderland adventure event and was very sad she couldn’t be here to join in. She held her very own, one person Hot Dog Death March in downtown ABQ along Route 66! Okay, she only went to one place, through no fault of her own (see one of the pics in the set) and she almost got mobbed when she got home. What a trooper! For Rachel’s full Flicker set, go here.

Thanks so much for joining in from afar, Rachel! 

This gives me C R A Z Y ideas for HDDM 2010!

TWITTER: Hot Dog Death March LA

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