Hot Dog Rotisserie For Your Counter Top

Those Brits are so awesome. Check this out: hotdoga hot dog rotisserie for your counter top. Cooks up to four “hot dog sausages” in minutes, plus the very phallic bun warmer — open bun and slide it onto the rod. “3o minute timer for total control.” I didn’t imagine that this thing could get out of control. Seems like you could just turn it off or grab the wieners as needed. (You can purchase it here.)

But I do think this is very elegant compared with the US version I’ve seen in Sky Maul Mall. Check this one out:

75878It’s just a modified toaster. I’ve never tried it though my sister and I gave one to our mom for her birthday one year as a lark. My mom loooooooooooooves hot dogs. (She told me so herself in just that way.) (You can purchase this inferior model right here.)

Which one would you buy? 

(Hat tip to Thrillist for the British rotisserie link!)


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