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HDDM Will Give Back With Your Help


A veritable poop palace!

A veritable poop palace!

In the midst of our hot dog gluttony, we would like to encourage some giving back to the world. And what better way after Hot Dog Death March than to build a toilet?

A good friend of mine turned me onto this amazing project: building toilets for poor villagers in India. Please go to the Poop Report site and read all about their Toilet Building Plan in the village Karanpur. 

When you come to Hot Dog Death March on June 13 you will be paying for your own dogs and drinks. However, we will have t-shirts and other fun give-aways for all attendees. There will also be prizes for trivia contests along the way. All that extra swag is free to you. 

In return for the HDDM swag, we would like to ask you to donate what you can to the toilet fund. My goal is to send $300 to the project in Karanpur so they can build a complete toilet.

Can you bring an extra $1 or $5 or $10 for this project? We will gladly accept whatever you can donate. And donations are not required. You can join in the fun no matter what you decide to do.

Hooray for toilets!


Free Hot Dog On A Stick!

hotdogJust in case you don’t have enough of a good (or bad) thing on Saturday June 13, Hot Dog On A Stick is having FREE HOT DOG DAY on Monday June 15th. Just go to any HDOS locations between 5-8pm and guess what? [Yelling Oprah style] YOU get a hot dog! And YOU get a hot dog! Woooo!

I know not all of you can join in on the HDDM on the 13th, so this might be the next best thing.

Hat tip to the I Love A Good Deal blog.

Hot Dog Death Match

wienermobileWow, that Sara Lee is PISSED. Major legal smackdown in Chi-town over rival Kraft/Oscar Mayer claims that they beat Sara’s sausage in taste tests. Read about it on Consumerist!


(Hat tip to David Markland for the link – get it!? LINK?!)

The Hot Dog Earrings Have Been Ordered

hotdogearringThere will only be a few pairs as a trivia quiz and give away prize. You better start studying up!

Wunder Weener!

It’s actually pretty horrifying…as with all things hot dog-related, really.

Hat tip to LAist for bringing it to our attention.

Team Hot Dog! Uniforms for Hot Dog Death March

Ok, the “uniforms” aren’t mandatory, but I’m sure planning on wearing as much wacky hot dog gear as I can to the upcoming Hot Dog Death March on June 13.

Like this hat, of which I have ordered four:

hot_dog_hat If you, too, would like a hot dog hat, you can buy your very own here.

And if you, too, would like to join us in a few weeks as we rage against the dying of the weenie, as we throw our very bodies into the mustard-and-ketchup abyss, as we launch once more into the bratwurst breach, well, click “HDDM Vital Deets” above (it’s sorta under the pile of hot dogs, above) for all the key info.

I’ll see you there. How will you know me…?

I’ll be the one with the hat.

The Hot Dog Bubble Gum Has Been Ordered

hotdoggumDon’t worry, they don’t *taste* like hot dogs.

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