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Recovered and Money Donated

Julia here…

It only took two months, but we’ve finally recovered from the Death March to come back and start blogging again.

I wanted to update you all, first and foremost, that the money we collected from you kind and generous hot dog eaters came to $177! The full amount was donated to The Poop Report to continue to help build toilets for girls in rural India. Hooray for you!

177 Smackers! Thank You!

177 Smackers! Thank You!

And in case you need/want proof that the money was sent, here you go:


Thanks again to everyone who kindly gave to this charity!

There will be more updates in the days ahead — Sad news about Oscar Mayer, The WienerMobile in a jam and much much more. Stay tuned!


Today’s Event Starts At 3PM At Pink’s

Then we will move on to Oki-Dog at approximately 5pm (Depending on how long Pink’s takes).

Then to Skooby’s by 6:30.

Click on “HDDM Vital Deets” up top there for more details.

Wear Sunscreen!

Dougie Dog Documentary at Hot Dog Death March!

dougiedoglogo-onwhiteJohn at Skooby’s called me this morning to tell me that he had been in touch with a Canadian production crew who are in LA shooting a documentary about Hot Dogs in the US. John said, “I hope you don’t mind but I gave him your name and number.” 

MIND!?! Of course we don’t mind!

About half an hour later my cell phone rang – it was Paul from the Documentary and we discussed what the whole freakin’ deal was the the HDDM and he seemed pretty amused. So he and his crew and Dougie will be at Pink’s tomorrow to record all of our awesome Hot Diggity Shenanigans!  

I mentioned the Hot Dog Haiku contest and Paul laughed and said he might have to write one as well.

Check out the website for the DougieDog Doc right here.

Oh The Word Is Getting Out!

And I can’t stop typing exclamation points!!!

Check out the HDDM flogging on:

Urban Daddy

Brand X (part of the LA Times)

NBC LA Online

It’s going to be amazing to see how many people show up!

More Games and Prizes

We have completed the trivia question list. Have you been studying? There will be no iphones allowed during the tests!

There will be a great contest at Oki-Dog: A scavenger hunt of sorts. Have your camera phones ready for this one.

And prizes!

41AwkwdbrdL._SS500_Along with Dodger Tickets, we will have a one of a kind plastic hot dog toy signed by none other than writer, blogger, actor, all around great geek Wil Wheaton! Alas, Wil won’t be there in person but he will be sending his best wiener love to you all (wait, maybe that didn’t come out right…) and especially to whoever wins the prize. Thanks Wil!

Other prizes will be t-shirts from Skooby’s, hot dog earrings, hot dog hats and other fun stuff.

How are your Hot Dog Haiku coming along?  Here’s one I whipped up to inspire you:

Sauerkraut and bun,
Cradle the steaming wiener.
Hey! Where’s the ketchup?


T Minus 2 days and counting!

Regarding The “March” Part of Hot Dog Death March

As this is LA and apparently nobody walks here, the “march” portion of the fun on Saturday will involve vehicles. If you ride your bike to this event, you rule. Encourage everyone you know come on two wheels! If you need to drive, it’s going to be mostly about parking. Bring lots of extra change as parking rates have gone up this year in our fair city.

For Pink’s, there aren’t any major parking structures too nearby, so it will need to be street parking on La Brea and side streets. Check those signs closely! For Oki-Dog, same thing applies — mostly it will be street parking. If anyone knows a great secret spot for parking in that neck of the woods, please say so in the comments.

Skooby’s will be easier for parking as it is on Hollywood Blvd. at Cherokee. There is a large parking structure 1/2 a block up on Cherokee and various lots in the neighborhood. And always remember, after 6pm on Saturday all yellow loading zones are free and legal!

We would very much like to encourage carpooling. If you know others who are coming to the event, drive together please. Even just between venues, if there is parking that lasts long enough leave your car and to buddy up between each spot, that would be great to do. Make new friends! Drive through Hollywood together!

Sorry we can’t afford a limo bus this time around! Maybe on the next death march as our sponsorship grows. (We currently have no sponsorship, so it can only grow from here…)

Contests and Prizes

Did you think it was just going to be about eating?

Oh no. Hot Dog Death March is so much more! We are preparing trivia questions for your fun and entertainment while we are waiting in line and/or eating the dogs. On top of that, we want YOU to come prepared for two extra special contests. Significant prizes will be awarded for the winners of these two events:

BEST COSTUME — Obviously, the theme of the day is hot dogs. You figure out what aspect of hot doggery you want to dress as and we’ll figure out who the wiener will be.

BEST HOT DOG HAIKU — Sharpen your pencils and put your best 5-7-5 together in honor of the frankfurter! All contestants will read their entries aloud and winners will be decided by applause. You can enter more than one Hot Dog Haiku.  Winning haiku will be posted here.

We are confirming our prizes this week so check back here to see what you will be competing for. 

One confirmed prize: Dodger tickets on June 27 (vs. Seattle).

Mmmm...Dodger Dogs

Mmmm...Dodger Dogs

(Dodger Dog photo by dabruins07 used via creative commons license.)

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