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Hot Dog Haiku Wiener

We had a major Hot Dog Haiku Competition while at Pink’s on Saturday. Seven brave and creative souls stepped up to share their frank-tastic hot dog poetry. It was a tough, tough decision but the Big Winner was Keith and his furry sidekick — their performance transcended the mundane and took us all to a higher level of hot-diggity.

And what did he win? Why the most awesome prize! A squeaky wienie signed by blogger, actor, and all around good geek Wil Wheaton!


In second place was Will Campbell with his call to a higher power: DOG

To see all our amazing contestants, please click here.

Big thank you to Chal for taking the video, editing them to length and then posting them online. Thanks also to Mykal Burns for facilitating the Wil Wheaton Wienie signing!


The Flickr Group Is Growing

Kurt&OkiDogThanks to everyone who uploaded pics from the event on Saturday! You can go to the Hot Dog Death March group on Flickr by clicking here.

Keep checking back as more people upload photos. You’ll find such gems as the one shown here of Kurt rethinking his decision to purchase and actually *eat* the Oki-Dog. (Turned out he was A-OK!)

A Big Thank You To Everyone!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our greasy, cholesterol-clogged hearts for all your participation & great energy at the Hot Dog Death March! You all made this party rock!

And more than anyone, thank you to Julia for all your hard work, schlepping, making, buying and just generally kicking hella mad ass. You made the HDDM happen!!!

See you soon, everyone! We’ve got more plans a-brewin’, and plan to have more t-shirts in case you didn’t get one…so check this blog in a few days!

What A Day! What A March!

hotdogandhotdogHOLY COW! What a day we had! Speaking for myself (Julia) I’m wiped out but what a great time we had. Thank you all so much for making it a BLAST! I believe we had up to 50 people at one point! Well done. 

Also a huge thanks to all of you at Pink’s and Oki-Dog and Skooby’s. I don’t think Oki-Dog knew what hit them! 

Lastly, this couldn’t have been done without Lucinda’s amazing energy and ideas and PR! We were all over the papers and blogs and she came up with the great Oki-Dog Cavity Search (Scavenger Hunt). Brilliant!

There will be much more to come and if you have photos you took, please send them to myself or Lucinda or post them to the HDDMLA Flickr group!

Best of all, we received $176 in donations toward a toilet in India! 

Rock the dog!

Are You On Twitter?

Follow Hot Dog Death March on twitter!  HDDMLA

Unless the Twitpocalypse happens, we’ll be tweeting all along the way!

Today’s Event Starts At 3PM At Pink’s

Then we will move on to Oki-Dog at approximately 5pm (Depending on how long Pink’s takes).

Then to Skooby’s by 6:30.

Click on “HDDM Vital Deets” up top there for more details.

Wear Sunscreen!

Dougie Dog Documentary at Hot Dog Death March!

dougiedoglogo-onwhiteJohn at Skooby’s called me this morning to tell me that he had been in touch with a Canadian production crew who are in LA shooting a documentary about Hot Dogs in the US. John said, “I hope you don’t mind but I gave him your name and number.” 

MIND!?! Of course we don’t mind!

About half an hour later my cell phone rang – it was Paul from the Documentary and we discussed what the whole freakin’ deal was the the HDDM and he seemed pretty amused. So he and his crew and Dougie will be at Pink’s tomorrow to record all of our awesome Hot Diggity Shenanigans!  

I mentioned the Hot Dog Haiku contest and Paul laughed and said he might have to write one as well.

Check out the website for the DougieDog Doc right here.

TWITTER: Hot Dog Death March LA

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